Transparency in Home Building...a new way forward!

For too long the construction industry has had to deal with the plague of "the dishonest reputation", surpassed in this regard only by lawyers, used car salesmen, and politicians. Unfortunately, there are still a few scoundrels within my profession terrifying the general public perpetuating that negative stereotype. You'll find that Mortensen Construction has been doing its part for almost 35 years to change how people view home builders.

When I first came back to the Boise area with SunCor Development at the Avimor project, I was the purchasing manager. It was my job to obtain bids and hire trade partners. Most everybody I spoke with in the construction industry knew my father and spoke highly of him. I often heard things like: "Kent is a great guy." "I always knew that when I worked for your dad that I'd get paid on time." "He's as honest as they come." "He always builds a quality home." "Your dad has a great reputation. You'd better live up to it." It was an honor to hear such words and I am proud of my dad and for the legacy of integrity he has established.

I know that the trade contractors in the valley know that Mortensen Construction is a stand-up company. And I know that our past customers know this as well. But many of the new real estate agents and people new to the Treasure Valley simply have not heard of us yet as we've never really done a lot of mass-media marketing, especially in recent years. So how do we spread our reputation for honesty and quality without coming across as know...if you have to wear it on your sleeve, you're probably hiding something...we don't want that.

Well, here's some insider information for ya...

We're an open book home builder. We aren't hiding anything and we're happy to show our clients the bids and invoices from our subcontractors. At the same time we show the costs and profit margins we include in the final sales price. We are professionals and are not ashamed of the fees we need to charge to keep our business running. Our clients rest easy knowing that we're not taking them for a ride and that they can trust us completely. We are just as open book with our construction schedule and plans.

My generation...those of us who grew up with the internet and now smartphones and apps...who value open-source technology...who have benefited from so much "free" information at our fingertips...we demand transparency from those that we do business with. I just attended a Building Contractor Association webinar on this very subject and I'm happy to report that Mortensen Construction has been and will continue to be this kind of business. Transparency for us isn't just a modern buzzword, it just the way we are. I suppose we just need to do a better job of sharing our way of doing business before you're sitting in our office. I hope this is a good start.