Quick Fix - Remodel in Meridian

 A friend of the Mortensen family discovered that water was rotting out the sub-floor along one side of the home. He contracted us to remove and replace the rotted wood and insulation along with the tub and surround.
Part of the challenge was figuring out where the water was coming from. At first we thought it might be a leak in an irrigation line that was added through the crawlspace. That wasn't it. After tearing open the floor and the wall in the hall bath we discovered that the water was wicking up through the outside of the foundation through the sill plate and into the sub-floor and up into the wall. Behind the tub we found ice two feet up the wall sheeting. 

To prevent this in the future, we will be foam sealing and re-nailing the bottom row of siding all around the home. Another part of the fix will be to ensure that the home is positively pressurized. We want homes to be pushing air to the outside, not pulling it in from the outside along with moisture.
Because the wall and flooring behind the tub/shower unit was rotted out, we removed the existing unit, made the repairs and replaced it with a cast iron tub and a custom made cultured marble surround.
The homeowner did his own painting and vinyl installation...and being a retired machinist, he's a perfectionist and did a great job with that tasks he took upon himself. 

We'll be wrapping up this job later this week when our plumber trims out the tub/shower faucet.