Common questions from customers and prospective customers...

Q. What is your price per square foot?

That depends entirely on you and your choices in floor plan and amenities. The fact is that "price per square foot" doesn't really communicate much of anything. I could say that our price per square foot ranges from $50 to $300, but what does that tell you? What's included in the price per square foot is important. The quality of the home and your positive experience with the builder is far more important.

Many builders, as we do, have a list of standard features from which we figure our base home price on our pre-designed floor plans. As a customer, you will want to know what the builder includes in the base price. Does the builder's price include granite counter-tops or laminate? Hardwood and tile floors or vinyl? Trim around windows or drywall wrapped windows? ...and on and on and on. When we do a custom home from scratch we try to get an idea of the customer's budget and desired amenities and start from there.

Another important thing to consider as it relates to "price per square foot" is the floor plan of the home. Two-story homes and basement homes generally cost less per square foot. Throw in an unfinished basement and it's even less. The smaller the home, the higher the cost per square foot. For example, an 1800 square foot home with 2.5 baths will show a higher price per square foot than a 3000 square foot home because they typically have the same number of plumbing fixtures.

We recommend that you judge a builder by what you get for your money, considering amenities, quality, and service.

Q. What types of homes do you build?

We do semi-custom and custom homes, including cabins, of any size and amenity level. We also have pre-designed floor plans to give you a good place to start. We're happy to customize any of our plans to meet your needs.

Q. Would you allow us to do some of the work ourselves?

Depending on the type of work, this is something we are willing to work with you on. Time is money, for both you and us. So, if you are capable and have experience with the particular trade and your willing and able to meet the schedule it may work out well.

Q. Will you take bids from our subcontractor friends?

Absolutely. As long as they are registered, insured, and licensed (if needed), and willing to work with us, we'd welcome them to bid.

Q. How long does it take to build a home with Mortensen Construction?

This depends greatly upon the customer and the home they decide on. But generally, it takes a month or two to design a plan and get bids while the customer gets their financing together. Once a contract is in place to build the home it takes us about three to four months. We've done homes in less time. Basement homes usually take a month longer. We pride ourselves on using Critical Path Method scheduling in order to complete homes in a quality and timely manner.

Q. Do you do remodels or additions?

We sure do. Remodels and additions take just about as much work as building an entire new home, so we charge a bit more for it, but we're happy to do it. Because we do our own in-house drafting, Kent can provide you some really nice 3D drawings so that you can see what it will look like before we build it.

Q. Why should we choose Mortensen Construction over another builder?
  • Our transparency in business. We'll show you a detailed line item budget for each trade and supplier and even our profit margin.
  • In-house design and drafting - Depending on the complexity of the house we can usually provide preliminary drawings within a few days and construction-ready plans within a few weeks.
  • Kent has 35 years of experience building homes in southwestern Idaho and Robert has built hundreds of homes with large builders around the country over the last decade.
  • We have strong relationships with suppliers and skilled trade contractors.
  • Our effectiveness at competitive bidding, scheduling, and providing supervision during construction will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of headaches.
  • Prompt communication
  • Customer Service - we've been here for a long time and hope to be here much much longer, so we want to take care of everyone we work with. One of our special services is providing a photo diary of the construction progress. Out-of-town customers especially appreciate this.
Q. What is your home warranty?

Our basic home warranty is the typical one year which is standard in our industry. Many of the mechanical systems, appliances, and windows have longer warranties through the manufacturers. We'll do all that we can to help you quickly in the event of any warranty issues. We'll also help educate you on the items that are considered "home-owner maintenance".