Smith-Edler Addition

10/11/12 - Gutter and downspouts were installed yesterday! The photos below shows the corner bead and first coat of drywall taping. The window shown is over where the master tub will be. Drywall was left off of some areas as our homeowner will be installing wonderboard and tile. The recessed niche above that blue drywall is for a future mirrored medicine cabinet. The blue drywall is often called "greenboard" and it now comes in a couple of other colors too. It is placed in wet areas as it's surface is more protective.
10/10/2012 Drywall taping and corner being going on!
10/08/2012 Our homeowner, Ron, chats with the drywall hangers. Drywall taping starts tomorrow.
10/08/2012 - Drywall hanging started this morning! It'll probably be done today too. 
10/5/2012 - Minimizing disruption to the lives of our customers on remodels and additions is really the name of the game. On this master suite addition, we intentionally left off one sheet of OSB (oriented strand board) on the exterior so that all the workers could enter there without having to traipse through the interior of their existing home through their private living space. Today, we came to the point where we had to close in  the construction access and button it up. The drywall company will be the only trade on this project that will have to enter through the existing home and they start on Monday! By the way, our homeowner is going to be doing all of his own finishes from drywall tape to completion, so we're just about done!
10/3/2012 - We are insulated! Insulation inspection passed on 10/4, so we are buttoning up the siding on 10/5 and drywall starts on Monday 10/8.
10/3/2012 - Roofing is complete. One of the challenges on additions is matching finishes. As you can see the roof colors aren't exact. With a little weathering, they will start looking more the same. Fortunately, the siding was a very close match and the difference won't be noticeable to the casual observing.
10/2/2012 - Today we passed all the inspections on the first try (shows that we have good trade partners!) - HVAC rough, Plumbing rough, Electrical rough, and Framing. The roofer stocked the shingles and the insulation company sealed all the penetrations. Insulation goes in tomorrow.
10/01/2012 - Siding pretty much wrapped up today. Plumbing too. HVAC and Electrical rough both happening today. It was a busy place! Inspections scheduled for tomorrow, followed quickly by insulation and  then drywall next week.
9/27/2012 - Rough Plumbing began today!
9/25/2012 - Framing wrapping up!
9/24/2012 - Wall framing is basically complete. Trusses are coming today. That pop-out on the left is the original fireplace which is coming out.
Kent and Ron Edler discuss progress on the addition.
9/22/2012 Exterior walls are framed and up!
9/21/2012 Framing started this morning!
9/13/2012 AM - forms stripped. Backfill scheduled for tomorrow. Framing starts next week.
9/12/2012 PM - Footings and Foundation Poured! The forms will be stripped tomorrow, we'll let the concrete cure for a day and then backfill.
9/12/2012 - Concrete crew setting the forms. They plan to do a mono-pour (pouring the footings and foundation together) this afternoon. They did a great job having the inspection and concrete material pre-ordered.
9/12/2012 - Concrete contractor drilling into existing foundation. Rebar will tie the new foundation to the existing.
9/12/2012 AM - Excavation was completed yesterday afternoon. The excavator ended up using his backhoe to dig it out due to the wet soils.  The concrete crew arrived this morning.
9/11/2012 AM - The excavator started today and his first task was to remove the tree stump and the huge root ball it grew from. Even though our customer had turned the water off five days previously the soils in this area retained a lot of water making it especially challenging for excavation.
9/11/2012 - At the corner of the house, we had to cut back a bit of siding and cut and remove a small portion of concrete so that the new foundation can tie in properly.
9/10/2012 - The Smith-Edler Addition officially started today! Our first task was to cut the existing concrete slab, which will hopefully prevent cracks as we run the excavation equipment over it.