Zipf-Rose Residence

10/26/2012 - Mirrors and shower enclosure went in today! Mirrors really make a bathroom feel complete.
10/26/2012 - Carpet was started today. The house was still cold so we cranked up the heat and are allowing the carpet to relax so it can be installed properly and maintain its warranty.
10/26/2012 - baseboards installed in all the hard-surface floor areas. Amazing how much of a finished look baseboards add.
10/26/2012 - Landscaping battling through the mud.
10/25/2012 - The tile backsplashes and entry floor were grouted today.

10/25/2012 - The wood floor installation also completed today.

10/24/2012 - Tile Back Splash being installed in the kitchen.
10/24/2012 - Hardwood flooring being installed
10/24/2012 - Landscaping back in action after two days of being rained out
10/24/2012 - Granite countertop was installed yesterday
10/24/2012 - Hardwood flooring installed yesterday

10/23/2012 - The elevator assembly was completed yesterday. I tested it out today and it works great!

Day two of being rained out on exterior work like landscaping and exterior paint. You can see a skiff of snow on the dirt in the background. First Treasure Valley snow of the season yesterday and today.
Granite counter-tops and undermount sinks being installed!
Hardwood flooring being installed.
10/22/2012 - Every day there is a lot going on. This morning the tile was completing as well as the glass black shower. The framing crew was back trying to complete the deck and the landscapers were underway when the rains started. The mirror contract was out to measure and the elevator guy was completing installation today too. Attic and crawlspace insulation should also be going in today. Every day for the rest of the month will be busy like this.
10/19/2012 - Nestled into the foothills
Elevator stuff
Deck stairs
Landscape irrigation
10/18/2012 - A lot has been going on the last couple of days and I missed getting photos in yesterday. As you can see tile is going in the kitchen and bathrooms.
Front deck is going in.
Landscaping has started
Tile and Glass block going into the master bathroom
This is the hall bath with the tile set. The next two photos show the tile being grouted and the final product.
The elevator parts and installers arrived today too. Below is the motor and following that lots of random parts and pieces.
Kent and I loaded and then delivered the hardwood flooring. In this photo, you're only looking at about 1/3 of it. Yeah...we're studs. We've also spent the last two days making trips to the landfill hauling away construction debris from the site.
Entry way tile started
Roofing on the front is almost done.
10/16/2012 - Cabinet installation will be wrapping up today.
10/16/2012 - The back of the house was roofed yesterday, but rains are holding off a lot of the exterior work we are trying to get done.
10/16/2012 - The driveway was poured yesterday. We've been trying to do a trash and wood haul off, but the amount of contractors and rain on the site have prevented us.
10/16/2012 - Cultured Marble shower surround being installed in the master bath.
10/15/2012 - Another very busy day on the job site. Concrete crew is there pouring the driveway. The cabinet installers are there hanging cabinets. The painter is back detailing out a few things. The deck installer was there measuring and ordering up materials. The roofers will be here this afternoon. The painters were able to get some of the exterior painted last Friday, but with rain this morning and the threat of rain tomorrow morning, we'll have to hold off a bit.
Kitchen cabinets out of the box and staged for installation
Master Bedroom is painted
Master bath is painted and cabinets about ready to be placed. The cabinets aren't blue. That is a protective coating on the doors of the white cabinets.
Custom library shelving painted up pretty
10/12/12 It was a busy day at the job site with lots of workers there. This photo shows delivery of the roof shingles which we had to have happen today because we're pouring the driveway on Monday and don't want a bunch of heavy equipment driving on it. Cabinets were also delivered today and install starts on Monday. Interior and exterior paint are both happening today and will finish on Saturday. The stone masons were applying grout to the stone on the entry way. It's looking very nice!
10/11/12 Stone veneer going on the entry
10/11/12 Interior doors painted and stored in the garage for now
10/11/12 The baseboards for all of the hardwood, tile, and vinyl floor areas is painted and will be installed after the flooring.
10/11/12 Interior door trim masked off for painting and Kent kept getting in the picture
10/11/12 Custom library shelving being painted in the greatroom
10/11/12 Another view of the stone veneer being installed
10/11/12 Installed garage door
10/10/2012 - Overall exterior shot. Siding is complete. Driveway grading underway. Stone at entry underway. Exterior paint to start soon.
10/10/2012 - Today there was interior painting of the trim and doors. The custom library shelving has been primed.
10/10/2012 - Garage door installation was also happening today. I did discover I screwed up on my garage door order as the shop garage door is one foot narrower than the main two garage doors. I figured the three doors were all the same size. You know what they say about assuming.
10/09/2012 - Paint prep continues. See the pink spots on the trim? It's spackle with some chalk dust in it so the painters will know where to sand. Below, the siding crew is finishing up and the entry is prep'd for stone.
10/08/2012 - Paint prep (caulking and puttying all the joints and nail holes) started this morning. The trim carpentry finished on Saturday, including this custom library shelving which is going to look really nice!
10/05/2012 Trim and Doors being installed. When finishes are installed, it really takes a house structure and starts turning it into a home.
10/05/2012 Siding must be more complicated because it has take a week longer than anticipated. But is sure looking good!
10/4/2012 - Trim Carpentry underway!
10/3/2012 Drywall texture is wrapping up today. Sanding has already started. Trim carpentry starts tomorrow!
10/3/2012 - Siding continues...a few days behind schedule. Grrr.
10/2/2012 - Drywall taping is just about complete and texture will now be applied.
10/2/2012 - Siding is complete on three sides of the house. The siding crew is now working on the front where there is substantially more detail work to be done.
9/27/2012 Drywall tape and mud, and corner bead. How would you like to work on stilts all day?!
9/27/2012 - Siding installation is well underway. We are using a cement based siding product as it is more fire resistant...a must for homes in the Boise foothills.
9/24/2012 - Drywall hanging started on Saturday. The elevator installer also ran his wiring on Saturday morning. Once drywall tape and texture begin, we'll have a week where it seems like not a ton is happening, but it's all part of the process of letting the drywall mud dry properly. We're even set up in case we need temporary heat.
9/21/2012 - Framing completed yesterday, so today we rolled right into insulation (above). We also poured the back patio which we weren't able to pour earlier due to grading and then stacks of lumber in the way. We had to temporarily support the patio cover with those diagonal braces. In the corners of the patio are five foot deep sonotubes - imagine huge thick cardboard toilet paper rolls turned on end and now filled with concrete, creating the footing supporting the load of the patio cover roof. After the picture below was taken, steel straps were embedded into the concrete which will attach to the patio cover columns.
9/19/2012 - Framing is finally wrapping up and we have the county inspection tomorrow. The electrical inspection passed this morning. Soon, we'll be on to insulation and drywall. The same framing crew will stick around to build the deck and install the siding.
9/19/2012 - The big window installation!
9/17/2012 - Electrical Rough-In is well underway! Yellow wire indicates GFCI circuits and white wire is for standard circuits.
9/17/2012 - Framers installing the windows.
9/17/2012 - HVAC contractors completing the furnace and duct work.
9/14/2012 - Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) rough-in. The insulated duct work currently hanging down will be lifted into place carrying cool air in summer and warm air in winter to their designated rooms.
9/14/2012 - Felt paper installed on the roof. Once the paper is on the roof and the windows are installed we call this "dried in" as the interior should then be protected from rain.
9/13/2012 - Framing continues with sheeting the exterior walls and framing the front gables. Inside the house plumbing rough-in is complete. HVAC rough-in started today. Electrical starts soon!
Crawlspace plumbing
Water supply lines in the crawlspace
9/13/2012 - HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning) Rough-In started today!
9/13/2012 - The elevator shaft was drywalled yesterday afternoon.
9/12/2012 - Kent demonstrates the "traditional" way for creating a punch-list, writing with his fat contractor pencil on a piece of scrap wood. Surprisingly, it is more efficient than e-mail! Framing appears to be almost complete, but there are loads of details that still need to be done. We're overlapping our mechanical trades while framing completes in order to shorten the typical building schedule.
9/11/2012 - Kent laying out cabinets
9/11/2012 - Part of Rough-Plumbing is setting the tubs. The plastic you can see at the top and behind the tub is a vapor barrier. Behind that is insulation that we have to get in now or never. Good builders get it in!
9/10/2012 - Rough-plumbing started today! Drains and copper supply lines were installed. 
9/10/2012 - Roof and exterior walls being sheeted.
9/6/12 AM: Trusses being set. In the back left, you can see the crane at one of Avimor's homes just after it had left our job site. Our framing contractor is framing both homes at the same time.
9/6/12 - Here's a perspective shot of the project on the lot taken from the hill top to the west of the house.
9/6/2012 - All of the interior walls are now framed. The framing crew is tying up loose ends today as we lost a day on the schedule due to crane operator availability. Tomorrow a crane will be on site to help set the trusses. This morning we laid out the cabinets on the floor and are making as-built adjustments.
9/5/2012 - While framing continues, erosion control wattles were placed on the back slope. They are basically a fabric netting sock filled with wood chips. They can be left in place to deteriorate over time or they can be removed once plant-life has taken root and holds the soil in place.
9/4/2012 - Interior walls on main floor being framed. We are looking at the skeleton of the master suite. The laundry room wall is being laid out on the floor about to be nailed together and lifted into place.
8/31/2012 PM - Exterior walls of main floor are framed.
8/31/2012 AM - Main floor decking is mostly installed and even a main floor wall is framed and about ready to lift in place.

8/30/2012 - Floor Joists Installed!
8/30/2012 - Yesterday afternoon, the large beams were installed.
8/30/2012 - Floor joists being installed
8/30/2012 Curtain drain installed around the back and sides of the lot. At the bottom of the trench is a perforated pipe, then gravel, and then fabric. This will eventually be covered with landscaping rock. Should there every be a lot of water running down the slope behind the home, this curtain drain will direct water away from the house.
8/29/2012 - Sunrise at Avimor in the Boise foothills is always beautiful. And for a home builder, watching framed walls rise is a beautiful thing too.
8/29/2012 - Basement wall framing underway. The grading around the lot is almost complete. Installation of the curtain drain to provide additional protection to the home against water run-off will start today and is expected to be complete tomorrow.
8/28/2012 AM - Framing underway! Grading around the home continues.
8/27/2012 PM - Control joints are cut into the concrete. One thing in life is certain, concrete cracks. We just do our best to help it crack pretty, inside the joints. Framing is scheduled to start tomorrow.
8/27/2012 PM - Slab is poured and forms are already removed.
8/27/2012 AM - Concrete flatwork crew forming for the basement concrete floor and front sidewalk. 
Pour is scheduled for 9am today!
8/27/2012 - Backfill around the foundation is basically complete. The excavator is now grading the slope behind the house to make room for a backyard.
8/24/2012 - The basement floor area is almost ready for concrete. The under-slab plumbing is installed and waiting for inspection this afternoon and then will be covered. A little damp-proofing missed the first time around is being completed. Back-fill and site grading around the home will continue for a few more days. Concrete flatwork is scheduled for Monday and framing scheduled to start on Tuesday. The white piping shown in the photo above and below is a fabric sleeve over a perforated tube. This tube will be covered with gravel and is there to collect and redirect water should it ever build up against the foundation wall. The green tube is one of many where the rain gutter water will be channeled away from the home underground out the front of the property.
8/23/2012 - Back-fill Continues. The utility trenches are now buried. Base material is shown being delivered. This material is used under the concrete flatwork for the driveway, garage, and basement. The water meter will be installed this afternoon and the plumber will begin the under-slab plumbing work tomorrow.
8/22/2012 - Utility trenching underway this morning to be followed by back-fill. This morning we also installed rigid foam insulation along the exterior foundation walls of the future living space areas (entry,shop and exercise room).
8/21/2012 Foundation stripped and damp-proofed with a special tar-like coating. Tomorrow, we will install some foundation insulation and utility trenching begins.
8/20/2012 - While the concrete is being placed, the concrete crew uses a vibrator to help settle the concrete mix into all the nooks and crannies to make sure that there are no voids. The forms are oiled so that the concrete doesn't stick and can easily be removed tomorrow. Tomorrow, the day will be spent stripping off the forms and applying the damp proofing tar in the areas where the foundation will be back-filled.
8/20/2012 - Foundations forms and rebar passed inspection late Friday afternoon last week, so the pour was on for this morning. The image above shows the pump truck used to place the concrete.
8/17/2012 Foundation walls are formed. Inspection called in for Monday morning and concrete pour later that morning.
8/16/2012 - Footing were poured yesterday evening. Today the concrete crew installed all the rebar needed for the structural strength of the foundation. As this home is built on a slope, a lot of engineering went into the size of the footings and the amount of steel needed.
View toward the future back of the house from the hill above.
8/15/2012 - Footings formed, rebar being installed. Scheduled for inspection and pour.
8/13/2012 - Concrete contractor laying out footings in preparation for forming and pouring
Driveway Rough Grading
Overall Excavation
Excavation work in progress
Home staked out on the lot - Driveway culvert delivered. Ready for excavation. Green stakes shown in photo mark a couple of the house corners.
Avimor - Unit 219 - Lot 74 Block 1